Marinel corners only have one motto : Reveal your natural beauty. Around this philosophy, a dedicated team of beauty professionnals is deploying, especially trained to provide high-end specific care.
Because aknowledging which details can enlight a face isn’t always easy, Marinel Beauty Parlours experts put all their expertise at the women’s that wish to subtly enhance their beauty, disposal.
Thanks to the precise techniques and quality treatments, Marinel corners offer services targeted on facial beauty.
Enhance or bigger a look, brighten the complexion,  give the skin a new glow, are as many possibilities that answer the same goal : reveal women’s beauty while respecting every face natural harmony.

With top-notch cosmetic care and state-of-the-art technologies, Marinel corners are in fact the antechamber to aesthetic medicine, seeking out to every woman out there wishing for an extended, discrete, and qualitative beautification.
To those that would like to deepen their approach (injections and more invasive treatments), we can address them to our A-list official partners physicians.

In a friendly atmosphere, focus will be given to customer relationship, in order to ensure well-being before, during, and after the treatments. Advice is hence integral part of the Marinel experience, and this is the reason a  personalized technical interview is realized before any intervention.
Appointments are therefore genuine ones, and care is completely tailor-made. Everything is done to make you live an enjoyable time, and so you can always come out the Parlours feeling totally fulfilled, relaxed and sublimated.


Marinel is a family businness, founded by Marinela Popescu. Enthusiastic and determined, Marinela Popescu managed to make out of her passion for beauty, her profession. A profession that she now shares with her daughters that are worthy representatives of the brand, forming a strong team that combines experience and trendy outlook. Marinel corners are the result of a common passion, hard work, and of a diversity of personnalities.

In a continuous quest for excellence, Marinela Popescu cares about using the best products out there, in respect to women’s beauty.
Thus, starting from the mid 2000’s, she became a pioneer, importing in France the innovative techniques of Xtremelashes brand, specialized in eyelash extensions.
Today, within Marinel corners, Marinela Popescu and her team, work on revealing every woman’s individual beauty, taking care of using only latest-generation products, and privileging discrete interventions, being permanent make-up, non-invasive profound skincare, or one-to-one eyelash extensions.

Marinel team greets you in their Parlour as they would do at home, with simplicity and enthusiasm.
And because being natural is women’s first beauty secret, the services we provide melt onto skins,  blend into eyes, to only leave one impression : those of women feeling good about themselves.

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