Permanent Make-up


Conture® Make-up –this technique doesn’t really reveal a will to make-up, but to pigment in an all-time specific, diversified and natural manner.

In this way, we want the perfect eyebrow drawn to magnify your face’s expression, we want the subtle eyeliner to enhance your look, and we want your lips to appear –thanks to the natural contour and coloration, fuller and well- proportioned.

Long-Time-Liner® Conture® Make-up technique allows to bring up everyone’s natural beauty while rebalancing some asymmetries.

Long-Time-Liner® Conture® Make-up technique exists since 1987 and thousands of clients henceforth know that make-up and make-up removal finally belong to the past.

Our goal is your satisfaction. As long as you feel good and happy, we will too.


Our Long-Time-Liner Linergists help you to realize your dream of perfect lips, and allow you to definitely end ‘the lipstick era’. In the first place, we’re drawing your lips thanks to a pencil which tone matches your skin. In the same time, any natural defect of your lips is corrected.  Our full pigment dyes range is composed of very natural colors to very fashionable ones. We then pigment a light lip contour, to finish by a full lip pigmentation, degraded inward.
With Long-Time-Liner lip pigmentation, your lips look brighter. Right after treatment, your lips color is sublime and they’re perfectly shaped.  You’ll never need lipstick again.
Your lips will always look spotless, whether it’s after eating, training, or after a passionate kiss.


Eyebrows pigmentation defines your face while creating an optical frame. The eyebrow drawn expresses your state of mind and can even make you look younger.
But eyebrows also happen to grow very irregularly, or not grow at all anymore –often a result of regular eyebrow epilation on the long term. In that case, Conture Make-Up is the ideal solution for you.
First, we’ll find a color that matches, then, we will be drawing the eyebrows with a pencil. Once we obtain the perfect drawn result, our Linergists will start pigmenting very thin hairs. And ever after this day, you will wake up with THE perfect eyebrows, without having to do anything anymore.


Let’s imagine for a second that you’re in the middle of an intense sport training.
You’re sweating, and you want to go swimming or enjoy the sauna for a bit…
Well, Miracle! You know for sure that your eyeliner won’t smudge or wear off.
Thanks to Long-Time-Liner Conture Make-Up, your lashes appear fuller and your eyes look more expressive due to this very thin eyeliner drawn.
The eyeliner Conture Make-Up is also the perfect solution if you do wear contact lenses, if you’re having sight issues, or simply if you want to earn some precious time.
You can choose between a very discrete and thin eyeliner, and a more visual, sophisticated one, as you wish.  In any case, the permanent eyeliner will showcase your eyes, and you’ll quickly become a real fan.

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