Restorative dermopigmentation

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Restorative dermopigmentation is very much like cosmetic dermopigmentation but with the goal to correct, camouflage and restore, taking in account the natural traits of the face and staying true to them.

A big part of a successful restorative dermopigmentation comes from the attention and care we give each of our patients. We find it essential to collaborate with physicians and aesthetic surgeons to find the best way to treat each unique case. In order for us to determine the right treatments and the overall fee, a first consultation prior to the final treatment has to be done in the salon with the qualified technician.
Services we offer:

  • Restoration of the areolas after breast cancer
  • Camouflage of the scars around the areolas due to a breast enhancement operation
  • Reconstruction after an operation fixing a cleft lip
  • Camouflage of skin scarred by a chirurgical intervention or an accident
  • Recreation of the eyebrows and lash lines in case of alopecia


The areola is the pigmented part of the breast that surrounds the nipple. Each areola is different in size and shape, no two are alike.

Dermopigmentation will help to correct the color or shape of the areola or rebuild it completely.

Breast cancer or breast augmentation/ reduction surgery leave scars on the breast and around the areola which is often removed or displaced during the surgery.

With dermopigmentation it is possible to redesign and rebuild the areolas. The shape and color are chosen for a natural and harmonious result.


The mouth is a fundamental part of the face. In the case of cleft lip the remaining scars can be camouflaged and the symmetry and the color of the lips fixed to restore the natural lining and shape of the mouth and the overall facial harmony.


Hair loss, alopecia, can be localized or affect all of the body after an injury, an inherited disease or chemotherapy, for example. Excessive hair loss usually affects the head and most commonly the eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.

Using specific techniques medical dermopigmentation helps restore the visual effect of having hair in the areas of the body where it no longer grows. Make up pencils are used to create the draft of the possible shape and color before the actual pigmentation.

The eyebrows are drawn with fine lines mimicking the natural hairs with a 3D effect. The form will always be made ​​based on the morphology of the face, the aesthetic rules and the personality and tastes of the client.

For the eyes, there are many options to choose from: A lash densification gives a very natural result and does not change the shape of the eye. The eyeliner can be thin or thick, allowing to make changes to the shape of the eyes.

The loss of self confidence can be provoked by excessive hair loss. The affected area can cover the whole head or touch some very localized areas of the head or body. Small hair loss areas or scars due trauma or a hair transplant can be colored to hide the lack of hair.


Scars are skin marks that appear after the healing of a wound or a surgical operation. There are roughly two types of scars:

A light colored scar: Our role is to darken the scar enough so that it blends naturally into the surrounding skin

A dark colored scar: More complex than the other one, our objective is to lighten the scar so that it disappears.

⨻ It is not recommended to work on a scar that is inflammatory, has not yet stabilized, is a keloid (thick, firm and lumpy) or covers too large of a area.

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